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ABC Start - Autism Behavioural Consultancy


Consulting With ABC Start

Judita Oyaluade - BCBA , UKBA (cert), ASDCS
Sleep, Behaviour and Learning Specialist for Aut
istic Children,

ABA Consultant
Looking for specialist behaviour  advice for your child?

I provide in person consultations in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Nottingham, and home consultations in Derbyshire, East and West Midlands (Birmingham), UK as well as remotely.

I provide behaviour and autism play therapies, setting up ABA therapy programmes, parent coaching and sensory play sessions for ASD children in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

ositive behaviour support (PBS) and remote sleep consultations for families of neurodivergent children and children with autism are available via telehealth (videoconferencing).

Does your child experience social emotional difficulties, emotional dysregulation, communication and learning difficulties, or behaviour and sleep struggles?
If so, contact me here
Girl taking note next to a laptop

Initial assessment - can be completed online or in person 

Playing with Wooden Toys

NDBI principles programme writing and regular update consultations


Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) - functional behaviour assessment and PBS planning


Remote/online/telehealth sleep consultations and personalised sleep plans

Mother and Baby on Floor

Naturalistic Developmental Behavioural Interventions - Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) principles 

Mom And Baby Playing Together With Toys

Registered behaviour technician (RBT) supervisions and RBT competencies


Why ABC Start?

ABC is used as an assessment tool that can help us to understand the function of behaviour (the reasons for behaviour). It is a three term contingency showing us how is the behaviour affected by the environment and how the consequences of behaviour can impact on its future occurrence.

letter A.jpg

A stands for 'antecedent' - this is what happens immediately before behaviour. 

letter B.jpg

B stands for 'behaviour' -  the actual behaviour that follows the antecedent. 

letter C.jpg

C stands for 'consequence' - this is what immediately follows the behaviour. 

How does it work?

I provide behaviour analytic services remotely (virtually/online) and in person. I provide positive behaviour support (pbs) consultations as well as sleep consultations online and in person. I cover Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, UK for home visits. I provide direct therapy for children in Mansfield, UK.

Positive Behaviour Support 

I provide person-centred approach when supporting families of children who may present with behaviour that challenges. I believe that behaviour happens for a reason and it gives us information about your child's needs as well as their skill development. My positive behaviour support plans include a combination of person-centred values and evidence-based practice. When providing positive behaviour support (PBS) I complete functional behaviour assessments and if needed I also complete functional analysis, which are evidence-based strategies that can help us to understand the reasons for behaviour that challenges. 

Play-based learning using the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) Principles

Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is evidence-based naturalistic developmental behavioural intervention for autistic or similar developmental needs children aged 1 to 5. ESDM is a play-based intervention which integrates behavioural and developmental principles to empower autistic children to reach their full potential and to become active participants in the world around them. 

Remote Sleep Consultations

ABC Start sleep consultations include completing sleep assessments of your child's sleep problem and the history of the sleep issue. Following evaluation of your child's sleep patterns you will be provided with personalised family-centred sleep plan, which takes into account your child's individual and family preferences and needs. 

My memberships   

I'm registered with the UK Society for Behaviour Analysis (UK-SBA) - full membership

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