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Remote Sleep Consultations for Families of Autistic Children


Interested in sleep consultation? If so, contact me here

ABC Start provides support with the following:

Sleep Consultations for children with bedtime anxiety, fear of the dark and nightmares
  • nightmares

  • fear of the dark

  • bedtime anxiety

Sleep Consultations for children refusing to stay in bed.
  • non-compliance with bedtime routine

  • calling out and refusing to stay in bed

Sleep consultations for children with difficulties to stay asleep and to fall asleep at night, insomnia.
  • difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep

  • falling asleep too late

  • insomnia 

Sleep Consultations for children waking up too early
  • waking up too early

  • refusing to sleep in own bed

  • separation difficulties 

My Philosophy

I do not support the 'cry it out' method and my aim is to provide unique and family-centred support. I take into account the needs of families including parents and siblings to determine which strategies will work best for them. 

I assess sleep problems holistically and my aim is to arrange the environment in order to resolve the child's sleep issues. 

My professional interests include the science of behaviour analysis, sleep science and the acceptance and commitment therapy.

Sleep Consultations, family centered sleep plans.
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